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The border town has had a notorious reputation as far back as World War II. That’s when thousands of Marines and sailors dashed south from San Diego ships and bases just 20 miles north. They went to have maximum fun in the anything-goes town before shipping out to the Pacific battles. Tijuana hasn’t really changed all that much through the years. It’s still a gaudy border town, and its main industry is to make money from U.S. visitors. There are great Mexican restaurants, music, clubs and bargains. Tourists can enjoy the picturesque beachside town as long as they follow these basic safety rules.

1. Stay In Electronic Touch: As you wander through the town, keep your SmartPhone well-charged, with all emergency numbers available instantly if there’s trouble. Use a portable GPS to get around the town quickly and safely.

2. Cash For Everything: Carry just enough for each day. Keep it in pockets with flaps that zip or button. Never expose big displays of cash when making purchases.

3. Be As Mexican As You Can: Don’t dress as flashy tourists. It’s helpful if you speak passable Spanish, to ask questions and bargain for prices.

4. Keep It Clean: Drink sealed bottle water and dine only in restaurants with good reputations. Never eat anything, whether cooked or raw, offered on open-air street carts.

5. Safety First: Don’t take a taxi nor hire a guide when approached on the street. Ask clerks at a reputable hotel desk to order for you.

Stay on busy streets during the day, and well-lighted ones at night. When you go to clubs after dark, travel in groups of four or more. If they’re beyond lighted downtown streets, go and return by Tijuana taxi.


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