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Yahoo Travel recently ran an article featuring five very smart travel writers who chose their best world destinations. They included The Azores, Southern India, Italy, Mexico’s Baja and Turks and Caicos.

While we don’t disagree, we wanted another opinion from a seasoned traveler. He’s nearly 90 and has traveled the world as a tourist, backpacker, wartime Navy swabbie and CPO. Now in his late dotage, he's a self-proclaimed travel expert.

When asked to name his top five, he just looked up briefly from his cards on the blackjack table, thought a moment and declared: All five of my world faves are right on Las Vegas Boulevard! And here they are:

Bellagio: With the luxury design, comfy rooms and those fantastic fountains, who needs to schlepp all the way to Italy?

The Venetian/Palazzo: More of the best of Italy is right here in Vegas, including the canals, gondolas and fantastico mangia!

Paris: In springtime and every other time of the year, you’ll find romance there, both amateur and professional. The posh resort even boasts of an almost-full-size Eiffel Tower and Arch of Triumph. Of course, the cousine Française is to morté for!

New York New York: Who wants to go to the real Manhattan, with the sky high prices, dumpy hotels, shabby $200 theater seats and grabby muggers? The NYNY shows here are as good as and better than Broadway, and cost a hell of a lot less!

Mandarin Oriental: No need to fly 10,000 miles to Chairman Mao’s little red book land. Here you get endless Chinese luxury and expert cooking from freedom-loving chushis.


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