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Familiarity with the city can give visiting joggers, bikers and hikers many choices of routes to follow. Check with your hotel front desk for the best on the day you  plan to go. The safest times are from sun-up to 8 am, and from 6 pm to sundown.

For instance, start at the National Mall, where you can cover the two miles around the perimeter from the Capitol steps to the Lincoln Memorial. Or venture into the Reflecting Pool area. If you want to mix your exercise with some activities, where there are often interesting events there, such as lectures, concerts and group exercise classes. If you happen to be there during Cherry Blossom time, you'll really be in the pink.

You can jog past Dupont Circle and up Embassy Row from Massachusetts Avenue. It gives you the opportunity to observe the stately lines of elegant buildings, and imagine all the political intrigue and posh social events going on behind the fences.

If you happen to jog around the Capital Hill area on a Saturday or Sunday, you may see the outdoor flea marketers selling fresh veggies, baked goods, junk and old family heirlooms.

For other jogging recommendations, click on the National Park Service's nps.gov for information about availability of park jogging venues. For those who prefer the less-traveled rural run, Rock Creek Park, P Street and Woodley, may be the best in town.

There are tree-lined dirt jogging and biking paths on a large two-mile loop around and through the public park grounds. Of course, there are many, many more areas for joggers in the city and suburbs, including trails along both the Washington and Virginia sides of the Potomac River.

For safety's sake, bring along at least one jogging buddy. Have a fully-charged cell phone, and if after dark, a flashlight, reflective shoes and shirts. Some areas of Washington are not too safe after dark, especially in unlighted areas. It’s safest to do all your jogging from just before dawn.


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