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London offers endless arrays of historic sites, monuments and museums. Once you’ve seen and done it all there, consider day trips out in the English countryside.

Here are five interesting day trips within easy access:

Windsor Castle, 30 miles, is the oldest and largest still-occupied castle in the world. It’s the Queen’s official residence. Windsor city is more than the castle, filled with museums and historic buildings. A tour of the Castle includes the Royal Collection of art masterpieces.

Visitors can climb 200 feet to the top of castle's Round Tower, with great views of the Castle and Windsor Great Park, the Thames River and London skyline. windsor.gov.uk     royalcollection.org.uk

Stonehenge: 90 miles, in Salisbury is an ancient circular monument of giant stones. Still a mystery to scientists, it’s believed to be a burial site. The stones and circles are lined up with annual sun positions. stonehenge.co.uk

Experience Shakespeare, 120 miles, in his hometown of Stratford-Upon-Avon. It’s also home to the historic Royal Shakespeare Company, with frequent schedules of The Bard’s plays. stratford-upon-avon.co.uk

Hit The Beach: Brighton, 60 miles, is the typical, all-year English seaside resort, with piers, amusements, pubs, restaurants and pavilions. tourism. brighton.co.uk

Paris, France: (3 hours) The Chunnel train runs under the English Channel between England and France. The high speed rail service offers an easy day journey from downtown London to downtown Paris for a rexaxing meal and theater. Round trip fares start at about $150 roundtrip. eurostar.com


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