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There’s an old travelers’ quote: See Rome and die. Today’s phrase could be: See Venice before it sinks. It could disappear into the ocean waters, just as what may have happened eons ago to the mythical city of Atlantis.

Senior visitors who’ve been there recently when heavy rains cause the canals to overflow know the symptoms. Standing on benches is necessary as temporarily floods inundate the most popular tourist area of St. Mark’s Square. At those times, it may seem the disaster is already happening.

A recent report warns of more serious future street, bridge and building damage from the overflowing waters. If Venice is on your bucket list, enjoy it while it’s still afloat and its residents don’t need buckets. Feed the pigeons on the square, ride a gondala, and stroll the Rialto Bridge. Mix in outdoor café sessions with delicious Italian foods and vino.

For weather and other info, go to www.comune.venezia.it

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