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Remember a couple of years back when an American teen painted graffiti on several cars in Singapore? He was sentenced to a well-deserved public whipping. If you’re visiting that beautiful Asian city-state, make sure to comply with all the rules, especially those intended to enhance the squeaky-clean image.

For example, you can expect the local police to burst your bubble if you’re caught chewing gum in public. You may not get a whipping nor a Singapore Sling into jail, but it could cost you a hefty fine. Gum is totally banned from import, city stores, personal tourist stash, and chomping it in full view of horrified citizens and officials.

Another Singapore law forbids urinating on elevators. To enforce the ban, many are equipped with UDDs, Urine Detection Devices. If someone aboard disobeys the law, it sets off alarms and the elevator automatically locks everyone in. Then, the police arrive to open the door and arrest the pee...uh...perpetrator.

Conclusion: Fun-loving senior wanderers who visit Singapore should not top off an evening by chewing gum and excessive bladder-overflowing, beer-drinking while riding an elevator. www.yoursingapore.com


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