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A famed restaurant named 60 Degrees Mastercrafted in the Texas city serves the enormous and expensive Bistro Burger. Inside the gold-plate topped bun is chopped Japanese Akaushi rib eye steak, seared paté foie gras, caramelized onions, Bordelaise sauce, sautéed mushrooms and shaved truffles.

The Bistro Burger actually does come with a side of fries, upgraded from the ordinary with white truffles. Can any senior reader remember way back in the early 1940s, when you could get six modest-sized burgers for just a quarter at White Tower? 

The Houston restaurant, one of many great ones in the Texas city, also offers much lower-priced hamburgers and other delicious food choices. 60 Degrees Mastercrafted, 2300 Westheimer Rd., Houston TX 77019 60degreesmastercrafted.com

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