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In recent news reports, Aussie scientists hinted that some day time travel will actually be possible. In response, we asked several of our very seasoned readers to choose their first return trip to the 1950s:

JJL, Los Angeles CA:
I’d go back to Disneyland on opening day, July 17, 1955. I’d be a kid again, and enjoy It’s A Small World, Pirates Of The Caribbean and other rides. I’d also get to meet Walt Disney and the actor who narrated the event on black and white TV, Ronald Reagan.

PTS, Chicago IL: I’d opt to return to my first New York City visit in October 1951. I had a first row ticket at the Palace Theater while Judy Garland performed. For her finale, she sat down just two feet from me on the edge of the stage. Judy sang Over The Rainbow, and I’ve always believed it was just to me.

FMS, Philadelphia PA:
Send me back to the New Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas in May 1956. I’d have the chance to enjoy the young Elvis Presley’s first appearance in Sin City. I’m sure he’d be surprised when I’d tell him how famous he’d be more than two generations later.

For some space-and-time-challenging ideas, go to www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2665781/Could-time-travel-soon-reality-Physicists-simulate-quantum-light-particles-travelling-past-time


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