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Today, movies are mostly special effects, digital and computer-created. In the most recent production, we know Noah’s flood scenes are fake. However, many seniors can still fondly remember and treasure when Hollywood actually took the cameras out to the real world.

Here are some favorite real-life scenic locations that bring back great movie memories, and could make fun senior destinations for this travel season. And when you’re there with your video-capable smartphone, you can shoot selfies and/or your own edition of your fave movie moments.

1. Last Vegas (2013): This is the latest of many shot in Sin City. Enjoy some of the Vegas Strip and hotel pool scenes where Robert De Nero and Michael Douglas strolled and ogled. Then, go inside to the casino and try your luck. 

2.  Stagecoach (1939): The movie that made John Wayne a megastar was just one of many director John Ford filmed in Monument Valley, his favorite Arizona location for Western dramas. Take a jeep ride around the magnificent rock formations, and be sure your camera captures the magnificent scenes.

3. King Kong (1933): Who can forget when the big ape rampaged along Fifth Avenue, then climbed the newly-constructed Empire State Building? When you do it with your camera at the top, be sure to pose while swatting imaginary fighter planes as they try to shoot you down. 4. North By Northwest,  (1959): You may not be able to climb to the top of South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore as Cary Grant did when chased by bad guys. However, you can do some innovative selfie video while the four great stone faces stare down at your antics.

5. Spartacus (1960): Death Valley National Park in the California and Nevada desert areas is the site of many movies, including several Star Wars editions. The scene where slave Spartacus (Kirk Douglas) worked in stone quarries was filmed in the park.

See where Kirk and Tony Curtus fought against Roman general Laurence Olivier, and enjoy countless opportunities to explore this three-million-acre park. Your innovative selfies, photos and videos will be enjoyed by family for generations.

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