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If you’re a big fan of the History Channel’s #1 hit show, “Pawn Stars”, and have an extra few hours while in Sin City, leave the casino, take a ride downtown and see their fun store in action. When entering, you may meet one or more of the unlikely TV stars: Rick the owner, Corey his son, the Old Man, Antwaun the guard, and of course, Chumlee the hefty butt of all their jokes.

The store area is often very crowded with fans during the day, sometimes with lines around the block waiting for the limited number to be admitted. The least convenient time to visit is when video crews work from about 6 am to 5 pm on weekdays. It’s open 24-7, so late night and before dawn are best for visiting Gold & Silver Pawn when it’s least crowded. Of course, if you have a valuable or historic article to sell or pawn, you’ll be admitted quickly. Further, if it’s a very interesting item, you may find yourself starring in a segment of the TV show. Another way to get in ahead of the crowds is to sign up for a scheduled Las Vegas tour that includes visiting the famed TV pawn shop. There are many local tour companies listed online, or ask at your hotel front desk to recommend one.

In addition to the usual pawnshop items, you can find many souvenirs on sale both in the shop and online. Gold & Silver Pawn, 713 S. Las Vegas Blvd., east side of the street, between Garces and Gass Avenues. For more information, go to gspawn.com

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