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If you happen to be in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and want to drive a real combat tank, here’s your chance. It could be your first experience, or a way to relive your earlier moments aboard one of those massive vintage vehicles.

Are you a grizzled vet whose tanker time goes way back to Bastogne, Naha, Inchon, Da Nang or downtown Baghdad? Take your ride back into history in Kasota, Minnesota. The town is located about 70 miles southwest of the Twin Cities’ airport.

The facility there is called Drive a Tank, Inc., and it features armored vehicles and propelled artillery, including Russian, British, American and other still-chugging tank examples. Rates go from $310 up to $2,499, depending on how much time you need to ride your massive machine and how much destruction you choose to do.

For more information, go to http://www.driveatank.com/

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