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In what seems like a poll with an obvious answer, the Gallop statisticians recently announced their findings. They report that residents of the Aloha State are the least stressed and happiest in the nation.

The implication is that the islands’ positive mood is passed on to tourists. This makes Hawaii, with its tropical climate, sparkling surf and sandy beaches one of the best world destinations for senior adventurers.

The Gallop study also lists West Virginians as the most stressed, with Rhode Island, Kentucky, Utah and Massachusetts close behind. We have a question. Didn’t those researchers spend any time on New York streets nor California freeways, where stress is too mild a word for the type of emotions happening there?

Therefore, if you feel stressed and need some time to calm down on a beautiful beach with palm trees waving above, consider visiting heavenly Hawaii in your next travel plans. For information, check it all out at www.gohawaii.com

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