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Year-end vacations bring out more than the usual thousands of tourists on famous Hollywood Boulevard. The visitors like to read the sidewalk plaques of hundreds of stars along the sidewalk, pose in the cement movie star footprints at Grauman’s Theater and buy the usual tourist souvenirs in the many gift shops along the street.

There are also many costumed characters on the sidewalks, some dressed to look like familiar movie and co  mic book figures, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Darth Vader. Others imitate older icons, such as Charlie Chaplin, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe and Harpo Marx.

Currently, the live Hollywood Boulevard characters aren’t required to have licenses nor permits. They’re not supposed to be aggressive, but just stand away from foot traffic until tourists ask them to pose for photos. They’re not allowed to charge fees, but they expect tips, the only way they make a living from their efforts.

There have been incidents, mostly characters fighting for turf, but the scene is usually very peaceful. The laws could become more restrictive in the future, such as requiring them to buy licenses, and that could cause them to fade away. However, most tourists, especially the kids, enjoy the characters and believe they add a bit more glitter to the glamor capital of the world.

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