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Sober-up trucks in Las Vegas, hooker trucks in Rio, and now just when we thought we’ve seen all varieties of street vendors, there’s a new one. It cruises the mean streets of New York City, offering help for people who seek to confirm their paternity and for other services.

Called the Who’s Your Daddy truck, for about $350, you can have your DNA tested. The organization called Health Street now offers a mobile clinic for clients who want DNA, drug and background testing procedures on the spot.

The mobile truck is available around Manhattan by phone or email reservations, or simply by hailing it as you would a taxi. The truck also offers background checks and court-ordered drug screening. The DNA truck provides cheek swabs from each person involved in the testing, and results are available about two days later.

If you’re curious about your ancestry, and usually roam around Manhattan or will be a visitor, for more information, go to health-street.net

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