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With all the negativity following the killing of a high school student by a condo guard in Florida, maybe this new Las Vegas attraction may be a bit too much for some people. However, in the spirit of tourist curiosity and fun, Machine Guns Vegas is new in Sin City.

Customers are offered machine guns, rifles and pistols to fire live ammo at targets. Employees called Gun Girls in appropriately short Vegas costumers are there to offer firing instructions and non-alcoholic drinks.

Shooters and other visitors are also guided through historic firearms displays, including those from as far back as Wyatt Earp to World War II to Rambo to the Navy Seal operation that took out the world’s most wanted terrorist. 

Of course, as in every Vegas enterprise, there’s an in-house store that sells replicas of the weapons, decorated t-shirts, fancy holsters and more. For additional info, check the MGV website at machinegunsvegas.com

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