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Voted one of the top 10 hotel swimming pools in the world by Forbes Traveler is the big water playground at the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas. Called The Tank, it’s much more than just for swimming. It gives you the unique opportunity of swimming with dozens of sharks, stingrays and other big sea predators.

Well, not exactly in the same water, because humans are protected by a transparent acrylic wall that affords all the fun of being with the big predators without any of the dangers. When you go, take your waterproof camera and get the proper angle so you look as if you’re side by side with the sharks. Then you can prove to your friends at home that you were actually brave enough to swim with the big guys.

The Tank also offers a three-story water slide, soaring waterfalls and swim-up bar for those who need to recover from the deadly shark encounters. For more information and to make reservations, check with your favorite hometown or online travel agency, or go to www.goldennugget.com

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