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Even though it happened a million years ago, my spouse always cries whenever we visit the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. Outside in the garden area is a replica of a momma dinosaur who’s unable to save her baby as they slowly sink into a prehistoric tar pit.

You may or may not cry, but you’ll be emotional when you see the new exhibit at the museum's new Dinosaur Hall. The greatly expanded 14,000 square-foot facility features the world's only Tyrannosaurus rex growth series, consisting of Thomas, a 30-foot, 18-year-old, a 20-foot juvenile and an 11-foot baby. Or, as my spouse would say it, a happy family group.

Others included in the displays are 20 fully reconstructed skeletons of Triceratops, and an enormous 68-foot, long-necked Mamenchisaurus. Bring your kids, because within the two big galleries are many more prehistoric creatures and all kinds of interactive, electronic and hands-on things to do. They’ll also get peeks into workshops, where museum experts clean and assemble the bones.

For more information, go to www.nhm.org/site/plan-your-visit

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