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(ARA) - Considered "America's best idea," national parks provide travelers preserved views of natural wonder as far as the eye can see.  An American invention, they give us a unique backyard vacation oasis where postcard views meet real, life-altering experiences. And, it's this beauty, exploration and enrichment, combined with the accessibility of national parks, that make them a popular vacation choice.

According to the National Park Service, trips to national parks are on the rise. Tour operators offering guided visits through America's parks agree.

"Bookings on our North American National Park tours have witnessed an increase of 180 percent in the last year," says Scott Nisbet, president and CEO for the Globus family of brands. "National parks are idyllic vacation 'hot spots' perfect for relaxation and introspection, wildlife exploration or adventure, depending on the traveler and his or her interests."

A wide range of experiences can be had at national parks, including everything from snorkeling, rafting and hiking to learning about the environment, geology and wildlife. They also provide a perfect retreat for those hoping to reconnect with themselves or nature.

And, it's the diversity of experiences national parks offer travelers that can make booking a national park vacation seem overwhelming. Use these tips from Globus to simplify the process and book the perfect getaway for 2010:

1. Choose the right park destination

From the east to west coasts, Alaska to Hawaii, America has more than 50 national parks to explore. Do your research to choose a park that has what you're looking for. For instance, if you're interested in an abundance of hoodoos and canyons, Bryce Canyon National Park might be the right fit. Or, if you want a vacation filled with bird watching or boating, the Everglades National Park could be a great choice.

2. Go rustic or go luxury

Lodging is an important consideration for any vacation. Some travelers prefer to experience the outdoor beauty of the parks 24 hours a day and choose to camp. Others want to escape to the more modern conveniences provided by nearby hotels, cabins and lodges. Decide what experience best suits you or your family - and decide early! Spots (camping or lodging) fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons.

3. On your own or with a guide?

Some travelers prefer to hike or road trip through national parks while others are interested in a more insightful and pre-planned journey. While maps are available for nearly every park, guided tours have become a popular option for travelers and are often offered as part of a packaged tour vacation, including accommodations.

"Our national park-focused tours offer an inclusive-style of travel with incomparable exploration and enrichment opportunities," says Nisbet. "With a wide range of national park destinations, hotels and price points, coupled with unparalleled service and storytelling, we create experiences for travelers they couldn't produce on their own."

For more information or assistance planning your national park vacation, visit www.us-parks.com, www.nps.gov or www.globusjourneys.com. Or call your travel agent or the Globus family of brands toll-free at (866) 313-2855.

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