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Bogart in bullet-riddled car

Visit LA's notorious gangland

If you’ve visited Los Angeles in previous travels, and are tired of movie star home tours, Betty Grable legs in cement and Walk of Stars sidewalk freaks, here’s an unusual experience that may appeal to you.

For a mere $65, on your next trip you can sign up for a tour of the ill-famed South Central area of Los Angeles, where the Crips, Bloods and other gangs still roam the streets. Of course, you’ll be protected on a bus with a guide most of the time, but you could have the thrill of seeing a drug deal go down, street hookers working or cops dragging a couple of tough guys off in handcuffs. What more fun would you want?

Publicity reports about the tour reveal that the real-life South Central (now called South Los Angeles) gangs have signed a financial-sharing deal with the tour company that’s supposed to guarantee the tourists’ safety. They may also entertain with some flashy re-enactment crime scenes of contemporary gang life. Also part of the tour are visits to some locations that have been used as settings for gang-themed movies.

Former gang member and current community activist Alfred Lomas created LA Gang Tours and launched the enterprise early in 2010. Although he gladly admits he hopes the tours will eventually earn profits, he also insists he wants visitors and out-of-California tourists to see the many positive aspects of the community. Future tours may also include schools, parks, community centers, ethnic meals and entertainment.

If you’ll be visiting Los Angeles, and want more information on LA Gang Tours, check with your favorite online or neighborhood travel agency, or go to http://www.lagangtours.com.


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