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French postcard

France: Wine, escargots and French postcards

The 30th annual Quality of Life Index, published by International Living magazine, claims it investigated 200 countries around the world in many cultural and economic categories during 2009. It lists its top 25, with France, Australia, Switzerland, Germany and New Zealand as the top five. This is France’s first place listing on the index for the fifth consecutive year.

The U.S. came in at #7, just after Luxembourg. The index puts England at 25th place, trailing behind such countries as the Czech Republic, Andorra and Lithuania.

The index voted France once again as the most favorable place in the world to live for many reasons. The editors and researchers claim the nation boasts the best health services, most luxurious restaurants, romantic Paris, world’s best wines, beautiful scenery, posh beach resorts and all-around joy of living ... bon vivant ... lifestyle.

If you’re pondering destinations for your 2010 travel, you may want to consider the Quality of Life Index before you make definite plans. On the other hand, if you also check with your travel-savvy friends, as well as favorite online and hometown travel agencies, you may get entirely different opinions.


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