Home DEALS Q: Where does a 600-lb elder gorilla go in the fall?
Q: Where does a 600-lb elder gorilla go in the fall? PDF Print E-mail


A: Any damn place he wants! With autumn and winter vacation destinations at their lowest prices in years, seniors of any species have thousands of bargain choices for places to visit and enjoy. For instance, cruise costs this time of year are down 50 percent and more.

Hotel prices in New York, Hollywood, Las Vegas and San Francisco are down 30 percent. Mexican Riviera resort prices are down 24 percent, and Hawaii is calling with discounts of up to 20 percent on hotel-air packages.

It’s a price-war jungle out there, and you can swing along with the super deals, many tailored just for seniors. Now’s the time to go ape over the savings you can realize by booking your next vacation. Call your favorite hometown or online travel agency right now and get the good news.

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