Robot Chefs & Waiters To Cook & Serve Meals

According to a recent article in the Financial Times, it’s already happening in a café at a Japanese amusement park. Further, some scientists predict there will soon be hundreds of restaurants run totally by robotic staffs in the kitchen and waiting tables.

Can you imagine what that will mean to future generations of diners? If the robot chef has a cold, will he sneeze on your steak? Will the robot waiters serve your soup with a thumb or worse in it? If you fail to tip, will your angry robot waiter chase after you down the street?

Catching a big one near Ketchikan, Alaska PDF Print E-mail

fisherman and fish

Springtime Travel: Experience Normandy's history, scenery & bubbly PDF Print E-mail

Welcoming springtime 2009, many seniors are already booking travel schedules. What could be more meaningful than a visit to France’s colorful Normandy region? Today it offers beautiful scenery, quaint historic towns and other great tourist delights. Many yesterdays ago, for those few of us still around who can remember back 65 years to D-Day on June 6, 1944, Normandy means nostalgia tinged with sadness.

On that day, I was more than 6,000 miles away at the Navy base on Treasure Island, California, an 18-year-old crew member of a Navy troop transport. We were soon to head out to the Pacific, where we'd land GIs in the Philippines in October 1944, and Marines at Iwo Jima and Okinawa early in 1945.

We knew what was ahead for us, and could relate to the GIs who struggled ashore in Normandy on June 6. Aboard our ship, we listened intently to news reports as the American, British and Free French troops fought their way inland toward Paris.

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cactus in bloom
OK, So The Economy Is Lousy. So Now's The Time To Travel PDF Print E-mail

It sounds a bit crazy to encourage seniors to travel this spring, because the economy may sink to its worse shape since the Great Depression of 1929 to 1939. But our theory is based on what an old general once said: "The enemy is at my rear, pressing my right flank and closing in on my left. The situation is desperate, so I shall attack immediately!"

The situation is similar today, and the tendency is for us to fearfully hunker down and cut back on all kinds of spending. We don't realize that all that inaction will do is make the situation worse. We, especially seniors who were poor kids during the Great Depression, and have seen many ups and downs in the economy ever since, should be the first to break away from the pack.

Should We Bring Little Kids to Our Vegas Anniversary Celebration? PDF Print E-mail

Q: We’re going to Las Vegas in a couple of months to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. Good idea, because I haven’t been there in five years, and look forward to the shows, blackjack, slots, buffets and all the other adult glitz. Trouble is my husband wants to make it a family celebration, and invited our kids and six grandkids. I objected, and now everyone’s mad at me. How can I make peace in the family, but still have my Vegas vacation?

Las Vegas at night

A: Do a split screen scene. That means, in a loving way, tell your hubby you desire the time in Vegas to be just the two of you alone in a hotel suite with all the romantic trimmings. However, emphasize that you also very much want to celebrate your 35th surrounded by your loving kids and grandkids. Suggest a site to do the family gathering on a different date in your hometown or wherever most convenient to all. But insist the Vegas tryst is just for the two of you seasoned lovebirds.



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