Branson Offers Prayer Sessions On Virgin Australia Flights

To make flying more serene, Virgin aircraft will feature quiet moments for passengers to reflect and relax while in the air.

Your travel4seniors.com editor volunteers some prayers I would fervently offer in flight for heavenly Virgin fulfillment:

Please don’t send my checked luggage to Timbuktu!
I hope there’s no nutcase with a bomb aboard my flight! 
Let there be no three-hour delays on the tarmac!
I pray there’s no 400-pound passenger, barfing alcoholic, stinky smokaholic nor wailing poopy baby next to me on my aircraft seat!

NASA Predicts Some Great July Total Lunar Eclipse Locations PDF Print E-mail

A total lunar eclipse will rise over the night sky this summer, and be the clearest viewing of this century in certain parts of the Earth. On July 27, a spectacular lunar eclipse will be fully visible for almost two hours.

If you have travel plans that could include a special night of wonder watching, you’ll need to be in specific spots of South America, Africa, the Middle East or Central Asia. So if you’re there on that historic occasion, be sure to bring your camera and/or smartphone with powerful telephoto lenses.

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