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Tuesday, 07 September 2010 15:58

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In addition to wartime Navy cruises during our active years, we’ve been on many cruises since our retirement. There’s something about the ocean and fresh air that makes eating a pleasure. Make that over-eating.

However, there’s a great difference between a hard-working young sailor and a sedentary senior. That’s why the typical retiree gains one pound or more a day on a cruise. Because food is all around you on senior cruises, the temptation is too much to eat in moderation. Who can resist the unlimited cakes, cookies and that midnight chocolate bonanza? 

Now, some cruise lines are beginning to offer advice to passengers who want to moderate their eating while aboard. There’s nothing complicated about it. Just follow the sensible eating constraints you practice on land to maintain your weight.

Stay away from the obviously fatty, sugary foods, and despite the temptation, eat smaller amounts. If your ship’s dining areas display lists of the more healthy menus, follow the advice. And if there’s a midnight buffet or chocoholic spread, stay in your cabin. Or better yet, do some vigorous moonlight jogging or hiking around that upper deck track.

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