Five Romantic Cities for Newly-Weds and Oldly-Weds Print

1. Las Vegas has to be first on the list because it is the quickie marriage capital of the world. Where else can the sudden urge to be wed be more romantic? Up and down the famous Strip are quaint little wedding chapels, where at least 500 couples every day get married.

Gondola ride in Venice
Besides all the quaintly nutty wedding chapels, Sin City offers posh hotels, great restaurants and Broadway-quality entertainment. What more can 20-year-old newlyweds want, or 70-year-old’s renewing their vows need to find everlasting romance? Especially if an Elvis look-alike is in your wedding party.

2. Paris is the traditional destination of lovers, married or not. Who can resist the romantic atmosphere of springtime in the city extolled by poets for centuries? The quaint streets, the trees in blossom, the outdoor cafes, the Arc de Triumph, the Eiffel Tower, wine and excellent French food. To be married in Paris brings a lifetime of love and great memories. Of course, older couples should go to Paris to renew their feelings of love and commitment to each other.

3. Venice is a city designed to welcome lovers. The beautiful canals, ornate palaces, singing gondoliers, wonderful Italian food, flower-filled hotel balconies, St. Mark’s Square and quaint shops all serve as the perfect setting for lovers. Forget the old saying: see Venice and die. Go to Venice and live it up!

4. Honolulu offers warm tropical breezes, endless beaches, posh hotels, white-capped surf, soft music at Hawaiian luaus and abundant flowers everywhere. All of it adds up to a romantic paradise for lovers.

5. Hong Kong is a crowded, bustling city of many sights, smells and sensations. It welcomes lovers to stroll its quaint streets, buy from the hundreds of colorful street carts and dine royally at its many great Oriental restaurants. The tradition of old British colonial days mixes with modern Chinese culture to make the Hong Kong experience a pleasure for lovers.

Of course, my five choices are not the only cities of the world where lovers can find enjoyment and fulfillment. In fact, whether the love is new or seasoned, a little house in the woods can be just as romantic as the most luxurious hotel in the world.