Cape Canaveral FL: Visit Space Center Launch Pads

According to a USAToday report, the Kennedy Space Center has expanded its visitor program. To allow visitors to get a more detailed understanding of the facility, NASA will give close-up views of launch pads and other areas. Most have been the sites of highly-secret operations for the past half-century.  

One tour feature is to Launch Pad 39-A, famed for the lift-off site of the six Apollo missions to the moon and other space flights. At Launch Pad 39-B, visitors will see where similar missions originated, including shuttles, Saturn and Skylab operations.

Tickets for the NASA launch pad tours are $25 for adults and $19 for children 3-11. There is also a fee of $45 for entering the Kennedy Space Center. For more information, go to kennedyspacecenter.com

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Flying for we grey-haired travelers is getting tougher every day. Forget the slogans. The skies United flies are no longer friendly. American Airlines isn't something special in the air any more. Delta can no longer claim they love to fly and it shows. These days, Continental won’t move its tail for you.


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