100-Year-Old Guy Makes First Parachute Jump

A brave codger from Tennessee recently fulfilled a life-long bucket list wish. He hit the wild blue yonder like a WWII 101st Airborne paratrooper over Normandy, and landed safe and sound. Will your travel4seniors.com editor be brave enough to try the same thing in just 8 1/2 years?

I wore a parachute many times in my WWII and Korean War travels as a scared-spitless passenger in U.S. Navy aircraft. Fortunately, I never had to jump, and now sure I never will. However, here’s my own bucket list of seven first-time experiences I’d like to try when I hit 100:

Win millions of bucks on the lottery and in Vegas
Hike the Great Wall of China
Ride a mule down into the Grand Canyon
Dine in 2025 at the White House with President Whoever
Long talk with comic genius Mel Brooks, also hitting 100
Have funny dance with Julia Louis Dreyfus as Elaine
Scuba with the dolphins in Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas

5 stars + 5 diamonds = pure winter luxury in Utah PDF Print E-mail

Early holiday vacationers can enjoy the magic of an alpine winter getaway for less at Stein Eriksen Lodge, Utah's only Mobil Five-Star, AAA Five Diamond property, with the Lodge's announcement of a special Early December Room Rate.

Ten Ways to Beat the Rip-Off Artists While Traveling PDF Print E-mail

As a senior traveler, you should always be aware that you’re high on the list of potential victims by scam artists. They know you’re not as agile and quick-thinking as you once were, and they’re ready to rob you, whether in physical robber or to con you into wasting your money. Here are ten ways to avoid dangers and scams while traveling:

Turbulence Tips: How to Deal With Bumpy Flights PDF Print E-mail
"Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy night!" The famed line is from "All About Eve," spoken in her gritty style by the great Bette Davis. Of course, she wasn't talking about airplane flights, but more likely commenting on some flighty Hollywood love triangle.

Tips to get a great hotel room when checking in PDF Print E-mail

Here's a great tip to get that primo hotel room.  When checking in, after you've been assigned a room, tell the clerk:

Tips For Single Travelers Looking For Romance PDF Print E-mail
First, stop trying to meet the love of your life on that big blinking box in front of you. Too many online singles claims, bios and pix are phony, anyhow. To mingle with single seniors, you have to lift your lonely butt off your chair and get into real-life action!

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