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According to recent research conducted by enlightened English experts, people who participate in and favor music, drama, opera, comedy, museums and other creative activities enjoy more years.

They asked several thousand people age of 50 and over to tell how frequently they participated in "receptive arts engagement" over the course of 14 years. According to the results, those who gave positive answers had a 31 percent lesser chance of dying during those years than respondents who didn't do these activities.

Hey, some personal comments. I’m 94.5 years young and earned my BFA at the Philadelphia Museum College of Art, now University of the Arts. At least as of this hour, I’m in fairly good health and still go regularly to the theater and museums.

Last week I spent several enjoyable hours at the historic Gene Autry Museum in Los Angeles. It features galleries of art and artifacts from Native American peoples, as well as historic Old West items and vintage Autry movie memorabilia. So, seniors, it’s time to attend some theater dramas, art exhibits and stage musicals, so you can spend more healthy years on this planet.

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