Airbnb Cities: Forget Hotels, Live Like A Millionaire Print

Your editor recently had an enjoyable weekend at a Florida Airbnb. It was to celebrate a local relative’s 70th birthday. There were 18 invitees, and instead of staying at a resort hotel, an upscale private home was rented. It had five bedrooms, six baths, kitchen, dining and living room. Also gardens, hot tub and a large outdoor pool with views of the beach.

The total Airbnb cost was $900 for three nights. The same stay for five hotel rooms at a nearby resort would have been at least $4,000. Since the trend began just a decade or so ago, Airbnb has become an international sensation. A recent USA Today survey lists the world’s most popular cities for the private service, some with as many as 20,000 available homes, condos and/or apartments.

They are, in order of the number of Airbnbs: London, Paris, New York City, Shanghai, Beijing, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Chengdu, Melbourne, Bangkok, Moscow, Manila, Havana, Los Angeles, Milan, Capetown, Seoul, Barcelona and Ho Chi Minh City. For more info,