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Statistics show that older wanderers, especially those who haven’t taken preventive inoculations, are very vulnerable. Walking slowly through airports, restaurants, stores and other crowded places makes you easy targets for the bug. So, if you’re traveling at this time of year, take some preventive hints.

At least two weeks before leaving on a trip that will involve rubbing shoulders in crowds, get your flu shot. A good idea is also take the whole family for the medical check up and inoculation. In that way you won’t be carrying germs that will infect others along your travels.

When packing for your trip, add a medical kit for the possibility your flu shot won’t be effective enough. Include in the kit cough pills or syrup, cloth medical mask, wet one-use face wipes, aspirin and, if not flying, a bottle of sanitizing spray. For using public toilets, carry disposable paper toilet seat covers, and be sure to wash your hands and face frequently with soap.

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