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It just adds its sabotage to weather delays, ticket price raises, strikes and other problems you’ll encounter while wandering the world. In your journeys this winter, the bothersome ailment will be looking to grab you. Try the intelligent health basics and you just could avoid the annual travelers’ plague this year.

Before packing, get a flu shot, your best weapon against catching the disease. If you’re traveling with companions, be sure they’ve also been vaccinated. You don’t want your schedules delayed or cancelled because sneezing cousin Millie’s temperature just spiked to 105, and she must be dragged off to a hospital.

On your travels, understand that the flu is very contagious. Be sure to wash up thoroughly after using public bathrooms, especially if you’ve been jammed in a crowd with coughing, sneezing and other obviously ill people. Use plenty of hot water and soap on your hands and face. If you have some with you, gargle a medicated drink each time you take a break.

And, sadly, exposure could cause you to catch the ailment. If it’s mild and you’re properly medicated, you may decide to continue traveling. However, if you do but find the symptoms getting stronger, consider canceling and getting back home for proper medical treatment.

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