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Seniors are particularly vulnerable to illnesses lurking in crowded airports, busy stores, popular restaurants and other super busy settings at this time of year. In the air, you can’t always avoid a sneeze by a sickie in the next seat. But if you take intelligent precautions, you’ll up the odds of making it into the new year in good health. Consider some basic precautions.

Avoid holiday crowds. Shop early in the morning or at night. Book red eye flights, those departing between 10 pm and 6 am. There’ll be fewer coughers and sneezers nearby. Also, roads are less crowded for getting to and from the airport.

Before going, get an annual flu shot. Check with your family doctor for advice. If you have a lingering illness, prepare to deal with it in the air and on the road. If your doctor recommends canceling the trip, stay home and postpone travel until you’re well.

3. Carry a handy health bag on your trip. Include medicated throw-away wipes, aspirin, constipation/diarrhea pills, small tape-on bandages and skin ointments. Also take along required prescription drugs, including renewal proofs signed by your doctor.

4. Bring small soap bars for washing hands whenever using public bathrooms, and before and after eating. Also wash up after touching exposed railings, doorknobs, counters, stairways and other busy public places.

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