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Avoid The Flu During Autumn And Pre-Holiday Season Travel PDF Print E-mail

Here we seniors go again, roaming the world in the cheap time of year before the holiday season. Unfortunately, it’s also the sneezing and coughing season. We’re exposed to the flu when mingling with crowds at airports, train stations, retail stores, restaurants and entertainment events.

You may not be able to prevent that person too close in line behind you from sneezing, but there are precautions to help fight back. Before leaving home on your journey, check with your family doctor to make sure you’re well enough to go. Also, ask for advice on prescription and over-the-counter preventive drugs you can carry while traveling.

While in heavy crowds, wear a medicated mask to avoid contamination. Also, carry disposable medicated paper or cloth wipes for hands and face to use several times a day, especially after using public bathrooms.

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