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Of course, as the last moments of 2017 are waning away, many wandering seniors will be following the old tradition. They’ll review their past travel endeavors and promise to do better in the future. Here are some suggested pledges for we in our sunset years who roam the world.

I’ll expect senior discounts and won’t accept any quoted prices without challenging them. Whether a flight, hotel room or marketplace souvenir, my firm first response will be a question: Can you do better on that price? I’ll be alert for online and phone call scams, especially those aimed at seniors. I’ll never give vital info to any unsolicited requests, especially bank account, social security numbers and other vulnerable personal statistics.

When traveling in an unfamiliar city, I’ll never walk the streets alone at night. I’ll stay in well-lighted areas with at least one physically-healthy companion by my side.

I’ll never make it easy for pickpockets to grab my stuff. I’ll keep my wallet in a zipped or buttoned pocket, and purse on a strap and tucked securely under an arm. I won’t ever make a big public display of handfuls of cash.

Everywhere I travel in the world, I will respect local people, cultures and laws. I’ll protecting myself from potential dangers, political demonstrations and other unexpected encounters.

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