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Most senior wanderers can handle the annual pressures of Thanksgiving and Christmas travel schedules. We’ve done it all and seen it all, so we just relax and go with the flow.

Of course, that would be ideal, but the unexpected stress can turn those happy seasons into anger and frustration. Consider some hints that could reduce at least some of that worry.

Pack light. In olden days, we loaded up the car with gifts and drove merrily to grandma’s house. Now, because grandma and most other relatives live airline flights away, we tend to cram suitcases with extra gear and presents. So, take only clothing you’ll absolutely need with a carry-on bag. Order all family presents online to be delivered to grandma’s house and elsewhere.

Expect problems. If driving, anticipate heavy holiday traffic. Drive between midnight and 5 am for clearest roads. Airline delays happen, so be prepared to be comfy in the airport with smartphone, eye mask and quiet corner to stretch out. Keep in constant Google touch with possible schedule changes and rebooking.

Finally, eat and drink sensibly so you don’t add health woes to your travel problems. And whatever happens, keep calm, expect holiday glitches and be prepared to apply instant alternative plans.


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