Savvy Senior Plan For Adventure Travel Print

Adventure travel requires more than a ticket and a suitcase. Depending on destination and what to expect, you’ll need all kinds of intelligent planning. It includes necessary clothing, personal care items and everything else to make the journey a safe, enjoyable experience.

If plans include backpacking, you’ll need equipment for the trail, bike or water travel. If for more than one day, and not in a city, you’ll also need tenting, sleeping bag and other essentials for overnight stops. Other suggestions may help in planning. If this is your first adventure travel experience, it isn’t advisable to do it alone. Join up with at least one other companion, preferably one with previous experience in the planned type of schedule.

For example, bike and camp for several nights and days along a trail next to the Colorado River below the Grand Canyon. Join a group trip or bring an experienced traveler who has done it before, and will advise on what to expect along the journey.

Another way to experience a first adventure travel experience is to sign up for a group trip with a commercial travel organization. It usually involves people also new to the trails, and will be led by an experienced guide. For example, a hike along the Normandy coast of France, for its history and natural beauty.

There are several ways to find the right organization. Check the internet for commercial tour groups. Scan the day-to-day itineraries for detailed info about the region where you’re planning to travel. Also necessary passport, visa, personal safety and other requirements.

Once you’ve decided to book adventure travel with a group, there will be detailed information about day-to-day needs. If traveling alone or with an equally-inexperienced companion, there are many websites to research for all necessary info.

Safety must be top priority. A Smartphone is at the top of the list of necessities, and before you venture, load it with all expected contacts and info needed for the journey. Especially when off the beaten path, have a first-aid kit and at least a day’s supply of food and water. If nights are cold, take necessary extra clothing in your backpack.

If there are large animals, such as bears, mountain lions and wolves in nearby habitat, a whistle comes in handy for scaring them off. In extreme wilderness situations, you may need a registered firearm for protection against large animal incidents.

Planning for adventure travel requires common sense about physical capabilities, where to enjoy the experience and taking every precaution to assure safety.