Avoid Unnecessary Risks Senior Travelers Take Print

We energetic oldsters who roam the world are still able to do it because we take care with sensible diet and exercise. We see each journey as a challenge, and want to enjoy every moment of it.

However, too many of us won’t admit that we’re not as spry as we once were. We take unnecessary chances in our travels, and sometimes pay the price in falls and other accidents. Consider some ways to keep disaster from happening:

Sensible clothing: Cruise ships are slippery when wet. As you going aboard and roam the decks, wear low, rubber-soled shoes. Forget the glamor duds until you’re invited to dine at the captain’s table. Depending on weather, dress well for wandering city streets. For personal safety, protect your wallet/purse with zipper or button-down pockets.

Elevators and escalators: Watch for quick, automatic elevator door closings. Hold on in case of quick stops. In airports, grab the rail when climbing stairs, as well as on escalators and moving walkways.

City streets: Always be aware in crowds for such dangers as pickpockets, jostling crowds and bikes on sidewalks. Also, when crossing streets, be sure the traffic light is with you, as well as be alert for moving cars in all directions. In the 1930s, Winston Churchill was badly injured by a taxi on a busy Manhattan street because he forgot the American side is not the same as the English one.

Also while roaming in city streets, remember you’re not as quick to react as you once were. Avoid large political demonstrations, roaming student groups and major music events. Eat in recommended restaurants, and realize your stomach is too old to dine from street carts.