Uber vs. Taxi: Be Aware Of The Urge To Surge Print

Of course, earning a living as a taxi or Uber driver is a tough career. When business is slow, roaming around alone not only means no income, but also the continuing expenses of gas, parking and car maintenance.

Using private transport can be a bargain at times. A recent 25-mile Uber trip from the suburbs to a city hospital and back home cost $10, much cheaper than personal driving, gas and parking fees. Taxi rides would’ve been at least $50. However, when booking Uber during busy times and crowded places, such as at airports and major sports or entertainment events, the fee may surge up as much as a factor of ten. The same Uber round trip could cost $100 or more.

Advice to seniors before hiring a ride, involving airport, theater, sports event or just an evening out. While making your plans, first check out all types of transportation applicable. Consider options of bus, van, subway, taxi, Uber, Lyft or just via a healthy (and free) walk.