Airport Security Tips: Keep An Eye On Valuables Print

We’re sure 99.99% of airport security people are totally honest. Wish we could say the same about politicians. However, airport thefts do happen. A recent news item told of an arrest at Newark Airport of a security guard. He’s suspected of regularly swiping valuables from bags going through the x-ray, moving belt and bag search areas.

To avoid theft when in airport security, just follow some simple rules:

1. Know thoroughly what can be taken through security and what is banned or must be checked. Do not attempt to take forbidden items. 2. Wear a coat or vest with many pockets. Then, before you put your bags on the belt, put all jewelry, wallets and other valuables in your pockets. If you’re stopped because some valuables are metal, keep them in sight to show to the security guard as you proceed.

3. If you’re traveling with a companion, go through security separately, one person just ahead of the other. That’s so one is always closely watching both the front of the moving belt and as it comes through to the end of the belt.

4. Be calm, cooperative and courteous, but know your rights. If a security guard attempts to look at your bag away from your eyesight, demand to speak to a supervisor before it can happen.

5. The best way to protect your valuables as you go through airport security is that you always keep them in sight. That’s most effective when flying with at least one other person, and you can cover both entry and exit of the moving baggage belt.

If alone, be continuously alert at each step of the search process. Thus you’ll make sure all security staff members you encounter are aware of your precautions against theft.