Many Ways to Meet Other Single Seniors Print

You’ve winter in your hair, but lots of summer in your heart. If you’re single, widowed or divorced, it’s time to get out of the house and into the single senior scene.

Of course, there are plenty of lonely heart websites for meeting new people on line. However, if you’d rather make more meaningful face-to-face connections, it’s time to turn off your computer and start mingling.

Here are some suggestions about ways to meet other like-minded single seniors:

Group Travel: Sign up for a seniors-only cruise or other trip. Choose from many varieties, including art, music, church, ethnic, orientation, education level or other specific interests. Senior Community Activities : Check daily newspapers and online sites. Many have regular schedules of parties, dances, theater and other senior singles seniors events. Have a chat over a cup of coffee, or if a relationship evolves, a glass of wine.

Cultural Events: Search daily for book signings, art openings and similar happenings. You’re sure to meet other single seniors who’ll be happy to compare interests and experiences.

Exercise Take a look at your mirror. If what you see needs some improvement, sign up for the local gym’s classes for seniors. Sweating with the oldies can have a positive meaning for your social life.

Education: You’re never too old to learn. Check nearby colleges and schools for classes that invite seniors. Look for sessions on travel, history, government or other areas of your interest. You may meet another senior in class and get the kind of schoolroom crush you haven’t had since you were a high school senior.

Little Theater: Bring back those days when you wanted to be a music or drama star. You could meet another single senior who’s willing to make beautiful music together. 

Volunteer: Senior volunteers are always needed in hospitals, homeless shelters, nursing homes and other social services. Once you get involved, you’re sure to meet other single seniors with similar community and social interests.

Summary: You’ll never know if you can connect socially with another single senior until you decide to do something positive about it. That requires rising up from the couch, getting out and becoming part of the active senior scene just down the street or on the other side of the world.