Senior Savvy: How To Survive Bad Airline Seats Print

Recently, a JetBlue passenger went ballistic when his seatmate bragged about paying less. The flight had to be diverted and the unruly passenger was led off by police.

It isn’t always ticket prices that drive passengers crazy. It’s often being crammed into an uncomfortable, narrow center seat, especially on long flights with an unwashed 350-pounder with huge elbows on both sides of you.  Experts tell how to avoid it by pre-booking favorable seats on advice from online seat experts. However, too often when those passengers actually board on fully-booked flights,  attendants may reassign them to less comfortable seats anyhow.

Most airline seats, except for the favored and considerably more expensive first and business class ones, can be uncomfortable on long flights. Can anything be done to make them at least a bit more bearable?

Consider looser clothing, comfy slippers, sleep mask and frequent getting up and out for stretches. Also bring music and TV on your SmartPhone. If you just gotta get some lay-flat rest during a long flight, ask for a free or for-fee upgrade to business or first class.