How To Best Pass Time On A Looooong Flight Print

Booking flights these days means the usual delays, schedule mix-ups, crowded cabins, squeezed seats, security hassles and everything else that often makes air travel difficult. However, there are ways to make long flights more comfortable. Here are some tips.

The simplest solution is to spend a long flight in dreamland. Consider going red-eye and schedule from 10 pm on. It's cheaper, highways and airport lounges are less crowded, security lines are shorter and you usually have better choices for onboard seating. The most comfortable way to relax on long flights is to book a first-class seat that folds down flat. However, they cost at least twice as much as a tourist seat. On a red-eye, you may find empty seats, stretching out on a two-across seat by removing arm rests. If you're lucky, do it totally flat on a three- or five-across seat.

Once settled, click out the overhead light. As Murphy's Law requires, there will be some nerd nearby who wants to read or punch a laptop or SmartPhone all night. Take along a sleep mask, ear plugs and noise-cancelling earphones for such situations.

Today's portable electronics can help pass the flying hours away in all kinds of ways. If you need to work on business, correspond, listen to music, surf the internet, play games or watch movies, the magic little box will do it all.  Your local library or a subscription service is available to get both older books and the latest on disc you've been meaning to read.

To snooze undisturbed, eat and drink very lightly before boarding. In general, if possible, fly when your body is ready to get some shut-eye and/or some personal listening entertainment. Get comfy and have yourself some dreamy hours as you float weightlessly through the night skies.