Five Ways to Warm Up a Romantic Getaway Print

There’s an old, old Q&A joke: Q: When you’re in bed in a romantic situation, do you ever tell your wife (husband) you love her (him)?
A: Of course, if there’s a phone near the motel bed.

This article for older, married couples certainly won’t recommend such cheating shenanigans. Our recommendations intend to entice you to spend some quality time time alone together to renew the love and togetherness of those earlier days.

Boat on Venice canal
1. Find somewhere that fits your ideas and budget of a romantic getaway. If you like big, splashy, expensive places, rent a suite for a week in a posh hotel in New York, London, Paris, Venice or Las Vegas. Eat at snooty restaurants, book tickets to major entertainment and end your evenings with champagne in your own private room spa. Remember, you only live once, and if you do it right, once is enough. Go for it if price is no problem and you don’t care if your kids get less money in their inheritance. In fact, for any of these romantic memories, make sure you leave the kids at home.

2. Not as excessive and expensive, but equally as romantic, is a weekend cruise. Luxury liners depart on Fridays and return Mondays from docks in San Diego, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans, San Francisco, New York and Galveston. Nothing brings back romance more than a moonlight stroll along the deck of a cruise ship with nothing around you but the starry sky and sparkling sea.

3. If your budget is more modest, book a weekend at a bed and breakfast in quaint New England, Pennsylvania’s Poconos, Northern California’s Big Sur or the Florida Keys. During the day, enjoy romantic oceanside strolls on the sandy beach and woodsy nature hikes. Spend evenings at a quiet restaurant in a secluded booth. End the evenings with champagne and candlelight in your cozy little room.

4. Make it a memories getaway. Return to the city or town where you first met. If it’s a college campus, stroll the sidewalks and athletic fields, visit the student center for lunch, renew memories in dorms and classrooms. If you met at a dance, club or church social, go back to the scenes of your young love. Did you meet at the beach in Malibu or Atlantic City? Take off your shoes and stroll the sand together. Rediscover the beginnings of what would become a lifetime commitment to each other.

5. If budget is a concern, do the new kind of romantic getaway, a virtual one. The word is staycation, and you can enjoy each other just as much by staying home and making a special effort to enjoy each other’s company. In this kind of romantic interlude, if you have small children, get them out of the house for an evening or a day or two. Cooperative relatives will understand and allow the two of you to be alone to renew your special feelings. Even with a limited budget, you can enjoy a candlelight dinner, champagne and some CDs that play the music you enjoyed when you first met and fell in love.