Just Retired, Our Kids Gave Us A Free Week In New York City Print

Q: It’s very generous and cost a lot of money, but the trip scares us. We’ve always been small-town folk and need some advice. What do you recommend? LRK, Canadensis PA

A: NYC can be both enjoyable and scary. Keep checking websites about the current city scene, both positive and negative. Of course, the best warning for seniors is always to stay in well-lighted areas at night, including Broadway, Times Square and theater district. Also keep wallets in buttoned down or zipped front pockets, and purses strapped and held securely under an arm.

OK to point your camera and smartphone to record NYC adventures, but be aware especially at Times Square where costumed characters and musicians hang out. If you pose with any, they’ll expect $5 or more. Legally, you don’t have to pay, but they’re there to make quick bucks and will plead if you walk away. Don’t buy overpriced CDs, DVDs or other street peddler products. They may be blank, defective or contain bad copies. Whatever your concerns, relax and enjoy the fascinating city!