Los Angeles Freeways: Most Dangerous US Roads Print

Most travel experts agree about those super-busy Southern California routes, where the annual death toll is often more than 200. If your schedule includes using the complicated LA freeway system, consider some safety tips:

1. Don’t drive during the busiest hours. Between 6 am and 9 am, and from 4 pm to 6 pm on weekdays, the LA freeways are jam packed. Also, those hours are when most of the serious accidents happen. Not only are the roads dangerous, but the tie-ups can strand you for hours. 2. Be calm. If you’re late for a flight or other reason, speeding along the LA freeways multiplies chances of an accident. A panicked mental state makes you a menace to other drivers, as well as increase the probability of causing an accident.

2. Don’t talk on a smartphone in heavy traffic. Trying to watch the road while your mind is on a sound or sight message is hazardous. If you need to make a call, pull over to a safe area. If an incoming message is distracting, make it brief and call back later. Also, it’s illegal to use your smartphone while driving in LA.

3. Your LA visit may involve partying or attending meetings where booze is served. Never drive immediately after drinking. Allow eight hours for the alcohol to be out of your system before getting on the freeways. If you must booze it up before heading for the airport for a flight, have a sober friend take you or ride a cab.