Cruise Lines Target Seasoned Travelers Print

Traditionally cruise lines have always geared many of their programs for seniors. We’re their major source for customers. We’re constantly offered choices for cruise destinations and onboard themes, and it’s worthwhile to study them all to find the best deals.

Cruise lines have special theme and social group cruises. For example, there are onboard features to include everyone from toddlers to grandparents. If that’s your situation, you may want those with similar lifestyles. For example, consider cruise themes of classic films, pop music, drama, history and many other interests.

Some specialize in lovers, honeymooners, guy-gal and same-sex-oriented cruises. Of course, if you travel on any cruise other than those specialized ones, many onboard features will still appeal to seniors. The economic fact that most schedules are geared to seniors is simply that older vacationers, especially retirees, have the time and money to indulge in cruising.

Cruises are the ultimate, no-hassle vacation. After the rush of flying to the port, once aboard the ship, everything is catered to passengers and within steps away. The entire cruise, day and night, becomes relaxing and total enjoyment.

Seniors who don’t get around well these days can enjoy cruises. The physically-challenged receive assisted access to everything, including cabins, dining, entertainment and poolside lounging. Check internet sites that specialize in senior cruising, or consult with your friendly neighborhood travel agent.