Seattle WA Pike Place Market Welcomes Senior Travelers Print

For more than a century the huge waterfront market has offered shops featuring fresh meat, seafood and poultry. Also candy, cake, veggie and fruit stands, florists, gift shops and great restaurants.

Chomping down on scrumptious Washington State apples and cherries fresh picked from nearby orchards may be a highlight of your visit. Also, Pike Place’s most famous attraction and photo target is the ceremony of the throwing of the fish.

The enormous variety of fresh seafood draws locals from miles around. Additionally, the Pike Place fish mongers sell preserved seafood products for tourists to take with them, as well as package and mail as gifts for the folks at home.

If you’re driving, be aware of the limited parking spaces at Pike Place Market. It could cost $20 to $40 for a multi-hour visit. Consider going by bus or cab.