Q: Confused By Travel News Reports: Will My Flight Fly Or Not? Print

With the ever-changing info about airline and other travel schedules, I don’t know how to handle it. Is my trip on or off? How do I deal with the confusion? PJJ, New Rochelle NY

A: Flight schedules are now often changed or cancelled. And because of the coronavirus hysteria, sometimes as frequently as hourly. For several hours before you leave for the airport for your scheduled flight, check online with the airline at least once every 30 minutes before you leave home to the airport.

If you’re told the flight is cancelled, stay home and/or book the best schedule you can get that day. When there’s no satisfactory reschedule, start the refund request. Remember this is happening much more frequently these days, so be as patient as possible with the situation, as well as  endure just about anything else related to travel.