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Q: I grew up in Philly, just 60 miles from the classic resort town, and recall visiting the seashore resort every year with my parents. During World War 2, several of the big hotels were used for recovery of wounded soldiers. Then came casinos in the 1970s, and the city had a revived life. However, in recent years, the news hasn’t been good. Is it worth going to AC anymore? Mrs. PLG, Scranton PA

A: AC has been hit hard. Five of the big hotels, including three owned by Trump companies, are closed. However, there have been plans to reopen some of them, including the Trump Taj Mahal.

As if the city hasn’t had enough problems, scientists predict sea levels rising in the next decades that could wipe out many Jersey shore beachfront areas. To answer your question: For the sake of fond memories, give AC at least one more visit before it all disappears. Check out plans for Christmas and New Year celebrations along the Boardwalk.


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