Need Help In The Airport And Boarding My Flight Print

Q: I fell recently, and although nothing was broken, my bandaged knee makes walking and standing difficult. For the next two months, business requires flying in and out of major cities, and I may have problems getting around inside airports. How do I get permission to go through security  without lining up, and then allowed to get aboard early? OLR, Tampa FL

A: First, get a note from your doctor on his/her official stationery. It should explain your medical problem, and ask for priority in airport security and when boarding. Keep the original on your person and a copy in your baggage.

Show the letter at the check-in desk, and you’ll be given an early boarding pass. The attendant will take you to the seating area where early boarders are required to wait. When the entrance door is opened, show the pass and you’ll be allowed to go aboard early.

If you require a wheelchair, call the airline before you go to the airport, and there should be an employee with a chair waiting for you at the airport entrance. However, note that on some airlines, if you’re on a wheelchair, you can’t take carry-on bags with you. They must be checked.