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'Tis the Freezin' & Sneezin' Season; Get Flu Shots Before Travelin' PDF Print E-mail

Medical reports say seniors are the most vulnerable age group to catch the flu and other seasonal ailments, especially when they’re traveling. While making your way through crowds at the airport and train station, you can’t help being exposed to air full of those nasty germs.

Now use PayPal for American Airlines tickets PDF Print E-mail

We are big fans of eBay and love receiving and sending payments via PayPal. Now American Airlines accepts PayPal for your airline tickets.

Travel Is the Best Way to Chase Away Those Economy Worries PDF Print E-mail
Is the bad economy scaring you into cutting back on your travel plans? Will you feel better about it by mumbling and grumbling around the house? It would make a lot more sense to forget your problems aboard a warm tropical cruise. Or a New York City theater tour. Or by enjoying the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas. Or by digging your toes into some sand and surf on Miami Beach.

About Time U.S. Citizens Should Be Allowed to Visit Cuba PDF Print E-mail

Why do we have to wait until Fidel’s ghost finally meets up with Che’s before the ban on US citizen travel is lifted? Everyone knows it has been sidestepped, evaded, ignored, avoided and violated every day for decades. Anyone can get to Cuba from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean or through any number of air or sea bookings.

Zagat's Survey Offers An Inside View of Dining PDF Print E-mail

Zagat Survey recently posted the results of its annual America's Top Restaurants study. The guide, covering 1,516 eateries in 45 major markets, is based on 25 million meals experienced by over 145,000 surveyors (53% men, 47% women). The average surveyor ate out 3.3 times per week and spent an average $34.21 for a typical dinner, a 2.8% increase over last year. While this year's survey reflects current hard times, the attached list of top rated restaurants reflects enormous progress in the industry by way of both quality and diversity since Zagat Survey started in 1979.


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